These variables are the base for typographic sizes. The default size is 6, getting larger to 1 and smaller to 7.

All -min, -pref and -max variables are used for the calculation of responsive font-sizes, where -min marks the smallest and -max the largest possible value. -pref should be a vw value and is used as a factor to determin the actual font-size.

Read more about clamp() at mdn.

:root {
  --clea-size-0: 0;
  --clea-size-1: 3rem;
  --clea-size-1-min: 1.75rem;
  --clea-size-1-pref: 3vw;
  --clea-size-1-max: 3rem;
  --clea-size-2: 2.5rem;
  --clea-size-2-min: 1.5rem;
  --clea-size-2-pref: 2.5vw;
  --clea-size-2-max: 2.5rem;
  --clea-size-3: 2rem;
  --clea-size-3-min: 1.35rem;
  --clea-size-3-pref: 2vw;
  --clea-size-3-max: 2rem;
  --clea-size-4: 1.75rem;
  --clea-size-4-min: 1.25rem;
  --clea-size-4-pref: 1.5vw;
  --clea-size-4-max: 1.75rem;
  --clea-size-5: 1.35rem;
  --clea-size-5-min: 1.15rem;
  --clea-size-5-pref: 1.25vw;
  --clea-size-5-max: 1.35rem;
  --clea-size-6: 1rem;
  --clea-size-6-min: 1rem;
  --clea-size-6-pref: 1rem;
  --clea-size-6-max: 1rem;
  --clea-size-7: 0.75rem;
  --clea-size-7-min: 0.75rem;
  --clea-size-7-pref: 0.75rem;
  --clea-size-7-max: 0.75rem;